Water For the runner in warmer weather or going well over 10 km water comes really handy. If water cannot be found along the way having some of this can be a good safety precaution. Suffering from dehydration is a sad way to have a afternone turn bad to risking worse conditions. Belts attached to the hip or chest is the most common way to have water attached to your running outfit. Solutions where bottled water is straped to your leg i also a way of having it part of your running gear


Tights This is known as the second skin on the runners legs. Thights is the most modern thing to wear and it can be used in most temperatures. Long training pants will be to warm after some time while tights breath away the heat. Shorts or trunks will not keep the elements away from your bare legs. The tights work well against the wind and keep you dry. There are tights from the range of fashion to the ultra preformers class and taste. Tights is a good thing to keep a stock of since seasons might change and having a fresh pair makes running more likely.

Running the marathon

Running the marathon The original running race and mother of all other running challenges. History say that the greek army ran all the way from the city Marathon to Athens to warn of the capital. Since then that tribute has been paid for centuries by generations of runners. The distance of 42 km and 195 m is something that is not to toy around with. Marahon distance is also the border between the Ultra distances and does called more normal. It is also only experienced ultra runners than can finnish this of without hurts. Hopefully a runner taking on marathon for the first time as done a couple of organized runs before. To feelt on the distances over 30 km before is a solid recommendation. Few have bodies that can go up in this distances without proper training and preparations.

Running a half marathon

Running a half marathon Runnig the 21 km and 96 m of a half marathon is one of the next challenges after the more standard 10 km. Runners who takes on the half marathon is often in for kind of a comfortable race if they prepare well. The speed does not have to be as fast, instead keeping a good posture and knowing your body is more important. Doubling the 10 km race might seem like the biggest threshold for the first time runner of a half marathon. If not prepared the last km or so might be a new experince but finnishing it of seems very likely if the runner have gone further than 10 km a couple of times.

Running a 5 km race

Running a 5 km race The 5 km distance, despite amongst shortest races to take on are maybe the most demandning for a runner. Many first time evented runners take on this distance as a start. They might be more or less tricked into it. Some kind of charity or work related event might be the engine behind that. From a more routined runner perspective being able to max every thing out this short might be hard. Finishing of 5 km a couple of minutes faster than in your standard speed will be hard if you just run in your comfortable zone as training. 5 km races is populary held within city limits to lift the city in a certain day or just overall. Races held in citites might have a foucs to attract the younger runners than adults to have all the citizens come to start.